About us

We are experts on marine transportation for people from Kiotari I, Kiotari II and Lardos towards Lindos as a destination. Following a few hours stay in Lindos, we travel back to Lardos, Kiotari II and finally to Kiotari I.
Our company stands out with a state-of-the-art sailing boat, fully aligned with safety regulations, ideal for transferring old people, people with special needs as well as babies.
Lindosbyboat has been operating successfully for 20 years already offering top quality on marine transportation.

What may visitors experience during a 3,5hrs period of time?

Visit the Acropolis of Lindos

Take a walk around the streets and market of the traditional village

Visit St Paul’s bay

Go for a swim το the central beach

Go for food and/or drinks as well as go for shopping of traditional products

Lindos| Lardos | Kiotari

Phone: (+30) 6944350176

E-mail: info@lindosbyboat.gr